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We specialize in audience engagement through music. We cultivate the ultimate event experience, while getting the maximum reach and impact for your event or brand. We pride ourselves on performance prowess complemented by a creative aesthetic.  Immerse yourself in an event to be part of a memorable experience.

The approach is simple, we create a one of a kind experience that seeks inspiration from all factors involved to create an affair that is one of a kind. We create a seamless connection between music, visuals, lights, special effects and the crowd. We don't just play music, we oversee the concept from top to bottom.
Our team is just awesome. We work with people who are open, creative, and some of the best in their respective fields. Just like the music, the whole experience is curated by notable specialists with a crafted eye and attention to detail.

With plenty of experience under our belt and countless events, we would love to work with you and your event or brand on specific areas of improvement. From talks, to event planning, we are happy to share our expertise to help you hone your business.

We love working with like minded people to promote each other's brand.
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Private Parties
Private clients are considered, but taken on a very limited basis. Please contact us with your proposed dates and detailed inquiries.

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